Boris Paval Conen

Wooden sculptures


Brief moments of vulnerability

frozen in time


The cracks, knots and fibers

as relics of a lived life


liberating ideas

from trunks of wood

"I like to observe people. The most fascinating moments are those when they are unaware of being watched. These private and introverted moments evoke a feeling of vulnerability in me. As a sculptor I want to freeze these unadorned moments in time. I choose to work with wood because it is an honest material. With all its veins, cracks and knots it shows the influence of life, the beautiful but also the less beautiful sides. This material, with a history of its own, in combination with the tranquility of the people I portray, moves me and this emotion is what I want to capture in my sculptures."

Filmmaker and sculptor

Combining my work as a director and scriptwriter with sculpting is for me the perfect balance between working with my head and with my hands: catching feelings in moving images and liberating ideas from trunks of wood.
Since 1996 Boris Paval Conen combines his work as a filmmaker with sculpting.
As film director and scriptwriter, he made a name with his socially and politically engaged television films as “Exit” and “Camp Holland”.
He won several national and international awards.
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Photo: Marjan Lammers


Spring 2022 Exposition Joost van Kempen paintings and Boris Paval Conen sculptures
in 'Zocherlounge' Bloemendaal.

Recent exposition

2021 THE SCENE. Paintings Erik de Jong and Bart Koning. Sculptures Boris Paval Conen. 'Galerie Bonnard' Nuenen. START VIRTUAL TOUR.
2021 VIRTUEEL, DEEL 2. Virtual 3D exhibition at Galerie Bonnard. Several artists present their latest work. Click here to visit the virtual exhibition.
2018 THREE PERIODS OF ART. Paintings Erik de Jong and sculptures by Boris Paval Conen
in 'Het Oude Raadhuis' Aalsmeer.